About us

Accessories to feel good

ENA & CO is an Irish online retailer, founded by jewellery and fashion lovers. Our designs and products are at the very essence of our brand’s mission. We highlight the power of accessories and help you shape your style thanks to modern, trendy and fashionable items. We find inspirations in the latest fashion trends and focus on quality and contemporary designs to offer our clients the little touch of femininity they needed.

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A passion for details

A statement scarf, a trendy necklace or a stylish hair band, our brand aims to offer women a large choice of accessories, from contemporary jewellery to romantic hair bands. No matter your mood or your plans for the day, we believe that there is an accessories for every occasion.


We try our best to provide the trendiest products and to innovate in this fast moving and busy fashion place. That’s why we love to stay connected. Your needs and expectations are our main drivers, so we listen to you! To do so, we created the #shapeyourstyle community. Through this community, we wish to encourage every woman to feel free to express themselves and to embrace their personality. After all, fashion is the mirror of our inner self. All we have to do is to embrace it!